Why Buhari should go to UK before 2019 election – CUPP

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) says the latest endorsement of Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has dealt a blow to the ambition of President Muhammadu Buhari.

It advised the president to visit his doctors abroad because of the news.

Imo Ugochinyere, CUPP spokesperson, in a statement on Monday, stated despite all the alleged divisive Buhari’ s actions, all the regions have decided what is best for Nigeria.

He said it was not yet in its final stages for the president to call it quits for the sake of the progress and wellbeing of Nigeria before Nigerians subject him to the most embarrassing and embarrassing defeat in Nigeria’ s political history.

The statement said: “ President Buhari had only one quality which was packaged for your pet and sold to Nigerians which has since been unveiled and Nigerians now know is a faç ade.

“ Nigerians are no longer uncertain that the acclaimed integrity of the President was only political, a contraption hurriedly put together for the purpose of 2015 election.

“ Due to the reverberations from the endorsement and the political quake it has caused in the Buhari camp, we candidly advise the President to immediately take this last window of opportunity to hurry and go to see his doctors, check his blood pressure and take a deserved rest.

“ Otherwise, by the time the desperation of the Presidency prospects them to rig elections and they are placed on visa ban, it would be too late to

“ Many more critical stakeholders will also in the arriving days desert this failed President and pile more pressure on him and his clueless Party. Nigeria is greater than any individual no matter how highly positioned.

“ President Buhari and his record of woeful performances cannot be a match for Alhaji Atiku and the people of Nigeria who wish their country to work again.

“ President Buhari has failed and Nigerians know that another term of four years for him may
lead to irreparable damage to the fabric of the country hence the general resolve to show him the way out and be assured of better life.

“ He has not engaged with any professional body or group within the country and he has not addressed any intellectual group extempore.

“ He is hiding from himself and Nigerians are aware hence the decision and unshaken resolve
to ease hIm out of office on the sixteenth of February. Voting out President Buhari is a patriotic service and Nigerians have resolved to do just that. ”

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