Speed Darlington explains how men contribute to women’s insecurities (video)

BangDadaDang” master, Speed Darlington has taken to his Instagram page to explain how men contribute to women’s insecurities

According to the US based Nigerian rapper, negative things men say make women feel insecure.

He said:

Girls them see their beauty through our eyes.

If a big butt pass and you look at it, another girl is looking at you. In her mind she registers that big butt is in, look at him look at her.

So, when you say negative things about our skin color, it registers in our girls’ mind that we’re not beautiful. And this leads to bleaching cream.

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Be careful what you say when you’re upset. Don’t make statements like; see as she black like amala dudu. Instantly, it has a psychological effect on the girl.

We, guys have responsibility too. OK?

We can’t be talking about ‘girls don’t bleach, girls don’t bleach’ yet guys keep saying things to make them insecure and then they end up bleaching.

So, all of us in diaspora from home to abroad…

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Sharing the video, Speed wrote:

We all have responsibilities to our identity and our race. Word is bond be careful what you say about yourself your group your race.

He was praised by a lot of his followers for his comment. However, some pointed out that he’s equally guilty with the way he prefers to feature big booty Dominican girls in his videos.

@im_evans wrote: “You’re guilty as well because you only use big booty Dominica girls in ur videos.”

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Speed Darlington, who has said he will contest for the position of the president of Nigeria come 2023 has been made a slight shift from posting only about women and nudity to addressing topical issues.

Watch his video below.