Onnoghen: Buhari Has Declared War Against Justice In Nigeria

I support war against corruption, with out minding whose ox is gored. I am on record to have strongly backed President Muhammadu Buhari when, at the beginning of his regime, he authorized the criminal prosecution of the head of the Legislature, President of the Senate, Dr . Bukola Saraki, upon corruption allegations, believing that we have to start somewhere. In the process, I authored and released controversial opinions, such as “ Time To Impeach Saraki”, “ Buhari Hitting Saraki With Kid Gloves”, “ Why Buhari Must Jail Corrupt Politicians Now”, and “ PDP’ s Charge Against Buhari Is of Non Compos Mentis”, to name just a few. As at then, Buhari’ s storied anticorruption profile made an appearance stainless.

It is true that the judiciary has become a clog in the steering wheel of the anticorruption vehicle and, ordinarily, I would have equally endorsed Buhari’ h current move to prosecute the head of the third arm of government, the Chief Proper rights of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen for failing to declare his property. But I cannot in good conscience do so. “He who comes into equity should come with clean hands. ” Buhari’ s war against corruption has become alarmingly selective.

The Executive arm of the government, for instance, appears to have grown to be a safe haven for notorious corrupt kingpins in the country. Consider that the speed and content of Buhari’ s second term bid is being dictated with a team featuring a bevy of notorious politicians facing serious corruption charges. For instance , it is shameful that the first outing by President Buhari–after suspending the Chief Proper rights of the Federation on corruption charges–is presided by Godswill Akpabio who was indicted for looting over N100 billions of public money while in the opposition camp however upon switching to the ruling party, has emerged an affectionate poster child for Buhari’ s presidential campaign. Conspicuous in Buhari’ s campaign may be the National Chairman of the party, Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, who has a strong string associated with graft allegations hanging on his neck. Needless to mention Buhari’ s shameless compliment, instead of condemnation, of his close ally and Kano State governor, Umar Ganduje, who was caught on multiple video tapes receiving bribes from a service provider, among many others.

In the eye of the Executive arm of the government, users of the ruling party are innocent until proven guilty while members from the opposition or other arms of the government are guilty until proven harmless just as headship of vital national agencies has become the sole province of people from the section of the country.

This pattern of partiality or injustice is certainly indefensible. In short, President Muhammadu Buhari has wittingly declared war against Nigeria, by attempting to rubbish the concept of justice, a sole principle in which the country may stand and prosper. Accordingly, this pattern must be resisted by all Nigerians, regardless of political, religious or tribal affiliations. This calls for other patriotic commanders from the ruling APC to join to condemn the action of the president. The basic principles of equity and justice are universal. “ Equity will not offer relief from a self-created hardship. ”

Dr . SKC Ogbonnia,
Former 2019 APC Presidential Aspirant

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