Nigerians react after doctor revealed that he has a 12-year-old rich female patient crushing on him

A Nigerian medical doctor identified as Physician Val has taken to his Twitter account to reveal that he has a rich 12-year-old patient who is crushing on him.

According to the younger medical doctor, the 12-year-old girl would refuse to take her injections except he’ s the one attending to her. He also said that the girl promised to purchase him a PS4 on his birthday, which is also Valentine’ s day.

He went on to shame adult women for not being able to perform what a child is willing to do for him.

He wrote:

I have a Rich 12 yrs old Women patient who cannot take her I. V drugs except her Fine Doctor (Dr Val?? )attends to her, And she promised to buy me a PS4 on My Birthday (feb14).
What all this Agbaya aunties cannot do, God is using a 12 yrs older?

Dr Val’ s tweet wasn’ t well received and a number of Twitter users have called him out for offering about an underage girl’ s infatuation, rather than discouraging her.