NGO recommends early campaigns for Domestic Violence

INTIMATE problems with Dr Olubusola, an NGO, has recommended early campaigns against domestic violence in secondary colleges to sensitise teens who were often victims of such violence.

Dr Olubusola Olufemi, the National Coordinator of this organisation, stated this in a meeting with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at Abuja in commemoration of International Day of Non-Violence.

Olufemi explained this was paramount due to the gain in cases concerning child abuse, youth violence, communal clashes and domestic violence.

She stated such necessitated the need to improve awareness programs to the younger generation throughout the country.

“The target for secondary schools is because teenagers are generally the first victims of domestic violence.

“Domestic violence does not start when they become adults since for an abuser that the adult doesn’t pick in his heart to perpetrate violence.

“It’s something which has been there since teenage years into adolescence and then adulthood, that is why it has become crucial to take the message into the young ones,” she explained.

Olufemi noted that instances of domestic violence had been enormous and could not be ignored especially where the consequences had grave threat within the society.

Based on her, violence in the house is inevitable, but the incidence of such violence can be reduced by education, effort and enlightenment programmes.

She said’bullying and extortion’ were some of the ordinary types of violence in boarding schools that could later be translated into national violence.

She explained the common lessons taught by the group in its own campaigns included adore, counselling for couples and people going through a single kind of violence involving depression and suicide.

Olufemi clarified that some of the interventions of the organisation include enabling widows, counselling for teenage pregnant women, recruitment counsellors to select the campaign to more colleges in Nigeria.

She said the group aims at building a solid community to affect, grow and enable people and youths who would develop, mature and become responsible members of the communities.

“The base has a type of trust that stands for Reconciling, Impacting and Construction.

“Reconciling throughout our guidance and also counseling programmes, influencing through our charity outreach, and mentoring and construction through our instruction and teaching programmes.

“The team also hopes to train, develop and enable individuals that regardless of where they are, recovery and joy can be achieved even in the deepest consequences.

“we would like to see more romantic couples that are happy raising responsible kids in the society,” she added.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the team started on Facebook from 2012 with approximately 15,000 members across the world.

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