Mystery, Controversy Over ABU Student’s Suicide By Ibrahim Adeyemi

Dead or alive? Overpowered, oppressed and depressed by parents or not? These are the controversial queries that loaded the social media airwaves after the mysterious suicide action taken by Aisha Omolola, the 300 level student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in her residence at Samaru, Kaduna State.

Omolola was said to have committed suicide by drinking insecticide. She also reportedly dropped a note, stating why she took her life. According to the note, she wrote that her family should be held responsible for her suicide, especially her mother and  dad. She said the duo made life miserable for her and thus, killing herself was the only way she could save herself from the family’s frustration.

The letter reads below:

Just like I mentioned, if I am no more, please hold my family especially my mum and father responsible. I have tried to be the best I can be, stayed away from them simply because they blame me for their mistakes and they can’t love, help and care for me like their own. My mum has made life a living hell for me just because she is bipolar and frustrated; accusing me of being a witch, endeavoring to kill her and being a cursed child even though my brother is responsible for my schooling and upkeep. The only thing she helps me with is my feeding cash. I have gone out of my way to take care of my mum by giving her as well as money but I still end up being her problem. My brother can’t stick to their promise anymore because he feels I am not his responsibility and he has his own family. I hope and believe that now that I am gone, it will bring them relief plus happiness.  

I am so sorry Collins, I had in order to leave you this way, Maryam Olayemi you have been more than a bestie in my experience. I am also sorry to all my friends and well wishers, I love to be delighted but I’m nothing but a broken child. I don’ t believe in Our god anymore, cos I can’ t see my purpose anymore. I love you all all so much.

When the news of the ABU student’s committing suicide made headlines, most Nigerians condemned the act. However , there are still some queries surrounding her demise left unanswered.

Did Aisha Endure the Suicide Mission?

Few days after reactions followed Aisha’s suicide action, it went viral on social media that she survived the particular attempt to commit suicide. The source of the rumour is traceable to the post around the Facebook page of Ahmadu Bello University, Samaru, Zaria. The post, that has more than a thousand shares and likes have made many Nigerians wonder whether the girl really survived her suicide mission.

However , the picture mounted on the Facebook post, showing Aisha in the hospital receiving treatment is the 1st fact that falsifies the rumours. This is because the said picture was posted on Twitter sometime in October 2018, when Aisha was said to have had a car accident.

The rumour was further  falsified by eye-witnesses who witnessed how Aisha died and was buried. Audu Abdulqudus, a recent graduate student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and close friend to Aisha affirmed which he was among many others who were present at her funeral on the same day she dedicated suicide.

“I was the main friend that carried her lifeless body the very day she died at the Jamaa hospital in Samaru. I actually and her best friend’s father, Mr AbdulGaniu with two policemen took the girl to the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital mortuary.

“I was called by Maryam Salami, Aisha’s childhood friend on Thursday evening around 4:00pm. So, it was Maryam that now told me about the mum informing her that they were at the mortuary and they wanted to go and bury the girl that very evening on Thursday.

When contacted, Maryam Salami, a childhood friend of Aisha confirmed the death of her friend, adding that Aisha’ s death was mysterious. “We don’t know what to say. That’s how God planned her own death; let’s just put it this way, ” she said.

Also, one Ruth Omole who had been at Samaru hospital where Aisha gave up the ghost affirmed that Aisha did not survive the incident.

What to Note on the Committing suicide Note

The note left by Aisha about the reason for her suicide has created lots of controversies; there seems some mysterious issues thematically in the note. The impression generally created in the letter was that Aisha’s moms and dads frustrated and repressed her so much that they made her “not to believe in God anymore”, most especially her mother.

As indicated in the take note, Aisha frowned at how her mother so much rejected and dejected the girl while she was alive. According to the note, she (her mother) would fault her for everything and even called her a witch.

Although all efforts to reach any of her parents proved abortive, the deceased childhood friend, Maryam Salami, first confirmed that Aisha was the original writer of the letter. “Aisha wrote that letter. That’s her handwriting, ” the lady affirmed. She, however, added that the interpretation of the note could best become conveyed by its author.

“Half of what she mentioned could be true and could not be true. It’s a personal issue and we should not take it personal. In that letter, she said something that has to do with herself and the girl mother or people around her. We shouldn’t interfere. That letter stated a lot. I know what that letter means, but I don’t want to state anything. That letter should just be left. That letter is nothing. Individuals should just let bygone be bygone. We should just pray for her and Lord should forgive all of us, ” she said.

Were religious variations ever a barrier between Aisha and her parents? Salami said religious beliefs could not have been the apple of discord. This is contrary to what has been broadly spread on social media. It was said that Aisha had been victimised by her mothers and fathers just because she converted from being a Christian to a Muslim.

Nevertheless , Salami, her friend said that could not be true, adding that Aisha was obviously a person who was never religiously stable. She was a Christian today, Muslim the next day.

“Aisha converting from a Christian to a Muslim can be nothing. That has never or had never been the problem because right from major school, Aisha has been one person that it’s either she’s a Muslim today or she is a Christian today, ” she said.

“She (Aisha’s mother) has always loved her daughter and she feels she’s old enough to find out what she wants. Religion has nothing, I mean nothing, to do with this. Aishat’s mother had nothing to do with Aishat converting from this to that. The mom has no issue with Aisha being a Muslim. Her mother has never interfered in it, ” she additional.

Really, the reason behind the deceased’s suicide seems to be very mysterious. As the note portrays that she had no good relationship with her parents, specifically her mother, her tweets proves contrary. On December 18, 2018, Aisha wrote on her Twitter page, praising and praying for her ‘lovely mother’.

“Ya Allah, bless my mom… keep her for me, give me the power, ability and ways to be a blessing to her. Let me be the reason behind her grin and happiness. Please give her long life to reap the fruit of the girl labour. I love you mom. My Woman My Everything, ” she messaged.

Also, on Tuesday December 25 of the same year, just before Aisha committed suicide on Thursday, 27th of the same month and calendar year, she posted on Twitter again, telling her friends how she would enjoy Christmas with her family even as a Muslim. “Ah celebrate Christmas too cos my family is mixed! Let love lead, ” she tweeted.

The question is: What could have happened between Aisha and her parents that could possess warranted her to commit suicide within the aforementioned short period of time?

Before Suicide, Who was Aisha?

Minus the suicide apparently committed by Aisha, her friends described her as being friendly, nice and nice.

As her childhood friend, Maryam also described Aisha since someone who was crazy but nice and friendly.

“She’s crazy. This wounderful woman has her ups and downs just like any other person. I’ve loved her for who she actually is. No matter how much she annoys me, I’ll still go there and still search for her. She’s always there to listen to people but she doesn’t share any one of her feelings or anything that is going on within her, ” she added.

Before her death, Aisha appeared to have enjoyed her stay on world. On December 11, 2018, she tweeted: “God I thank you for the present of life. Thank you for giving me reasons never to give up on life. ”

Also, on October 1, 2018, after she survived an accident, the girl posted on Twitter, giving thanks to God for her survival and praying pertaining to long life.

“For a moment, I thought I was gonna die. In fact , We started saying my last prayers asking mom to pray for me as well but ALHAMDULILLAH. I am a witness of Allah’s mercy and by HIS Sophistication I shall live to see more healthy years, ” she posted.

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