Ladies, do not get married to this type of men

Here is a good advisory published by Agnes Sikuku for would-be-wives, upon men they should avoid in forging relationships. We find the advisory fascinating. We hope ladies will also find it helpful.

1 . Mamas golden boys

The reason a person shouldn’ t marry them is certainly obvious; they will not talk about anything else aside from their mama. You will be faced with difficulty making important decisions. Mama needs to be called and asked her sights on things that don’ t problem her.

2. A man with many baby mamas

This man recieve more than three baby mamas. They have not married any of them. He or she tells you how all the baby mamas had faults here and there. Like an airhead you are, you swallow the lure. You believe you are the best of them all. Those baby mamas had weaknesses however, you are different. Breaking news! You are not any kind of different. The sky will come dropping.

3. Mike Tyson- Pugilist

Why a woman marries a person who hits her is a secret to me. A woman’ s bruises, black eye and dents on her behalf body are countless, yet the girl affords a feeble “ yet I love him, he will change”. Exactly why this Mike Tysons can’ big t be gathered and forced to signify our country in boxing, has been lenient. I think the government knows they are beaten to pulp or even end up being killed in the ring. Trust me, they may be cowards and weak. The government is usually protecting them.

4. The womanizer

A man, whose love pertaining to other women surpasses his love for you, should not be married. He can’ t be faithful or even test. He will prick your esteem together with his ways. You will always imagine about to catch good enough. Sometimes, you will even battle with other women in the name of fighting for the marriage. It’ s a ominous picture. Never say yes in order to such a loser.

5. A poor and lazy guy

Some many men jobless and have no steady income source. Some have education but fault the government for their unemployment. We realize all this. It’ s only reasonable that a man does everything feasible to get a job. A jobless guy who sleeps on the couch all day long and wonders how he can obtain a job shouldn’ t be wedded. He is just poor and sluggish to be taken seriously for marriage.