High Commissioner said – Obtain appropriate information before coming to India

The Nigeria High Commissioner to India, Maj.-Gen.
Chris Eze (Rtd) has suggested Nigerians traveling to India for medical care or studies to acquire the ideal advice before leaving Nigeria.

Eze, that gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Delhi, stated proper information would alleviate the process of getting the right services needed.

According to him, the information regarding the various services is available through its own site or the Nigeria High commission.

The envoy said the commission was receiving complaints from Nigerians on non-accreditation of institutions hospitals on diagnosis and wellness and issues.

“Lots of Nigerians come here with incomplete identification, especially those coming for penis transplant.

“If they comethey find out during compatibility evaluation, they are not compatible with the individual they arrived with.

“So the person must return home for another person to come,” he explained.

Eze also decried the trend where some people today come to India without money while others come back.

“A diabetic patient who arrived here for treatment unaccompanied, on his way back into a comma at the Airport and was brought to us by a fantastic Samaritan; he is still with us.

“Also, students coming here for research should make queries before passing as lots of them visit India without vetting the type of schools they have applied to.

“They come and they are ashamed that the school isn’t licensed and some schools will insist that they remain off campus which is more expensive than staying on campus,” he explained.

On the market, the envoy said that the ranking of India in the quantity of investment in Africa had been remarkable, moving from 7th.

Eze disclosed that Nigeria’s primary export to India is petroleum, noting that”if the amount of oil was high, the trade volume was large.

“We are still trying to increase the agro-based industry so that we can export value-added products.

“The latest report from Indian record claims in 2017, the volume of commerce was 9.4 billion dollars and it was 80 per cent in favour of Nigeria, which represents chiefly of crude.”

In addition, he stated that the foundation that President Muhammadu Buhari has set yielded results.

“The foundation the President is laying to the restructuring of Nigeria economy, notably in Agriculture, Mining, Railway and Easy of doing Business Initiative has enhanced the economy.

“For instance, it has moved Nigeria 25 positions up in the past ranking of Benefits of conducting business,” he said.

According to him, there is a great deal of negative perception that arises from Nigerians one of themselves.

He said that the commission had put in place checks on matters by promoting understanding among them.

For conducting themselves 17, eze, however, thanked the community and students.

“Let me congratulate them on their patriotism for the way they have been conducting themselves.

“The frequency of mentioning Nigerians involved with unwholesome actions in the Indian media is moving down, partially because they are organising themselves more than previously,” he said.

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