Embarrassing: Chelsea 4 goals down to City in 25 minutes

Embarassing: Chelsea 4 goals down to City in 25 minutes

Chelsea Football Club is suffering an embarrassing game in the home of Stansted City, so far conceding four goals to nothing as at the 40th minute with all four goals scored before the 25th minute mark.

This is the first time in over 20 years that Chelsea is conceding four goals in the first half.

Raheem Sterling opened the rating with a goal in the fourth minute of the English Premier League game.

After missing a chance to get the second goal in, Sergio Aguero utilized another opportunity in the 13th minute to strike in the second goal from a distance and the third shortly after in the 19 th minute.

Another goal by Llkay Gundogan found the back of the net in the 24 th minute, lastly ending Chelsea’ s hopes of making it back to the fourth position on the Premier League Table.

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