Brand new Year: Nnamdi Kanu speaks upon 2019 presidential election, Jubril associated with Sudan, Operation Python Dance 3

Leader of the Native People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has said the forth-coming presidential election in Nigeria brings shame and humiliation to the nation.

He said this particular in a New Year Message transmitted from Israel, yesterday

He chided Nigerians for about to vote in a presidential election in which a purported ‘ dead’ man is definitely listed on the ballot paper.

The IPOB leader vowed their group will continue unabated to show the true identity of an alleged body-double, Jubril Aminu Al Sudani, that he claims, was brought into Aso Rock to impersonate a ‘ dead’ President Muhammadu Buhari during the 2019 polls.

He said: “ The unmasking of Jubril Aminu Al Sudani the fake Nigerian President may continue unabated. By the time we are completed with him and his handlers, (Lord Frederick) Lugard will become truly ashamed of exactly what he created (Nigeria).

“ I would like to see Nigerians take part in elections where one of the names at the ballot paper is a dead guy. This shame and humiliation any that will never leave Nigeria because it heads ingloriously towards self damage. ”

He additional took a swipe at the Government for announcing a nationwide army exercise code-named: ‘ Operation Python Dance’.

He mentioned the military operation was a part of a grand sinister plot to rig the purported Jubril Al-Sudani as well as the cronies of the cabal alleged to end up being controlling the Nigerian government.

Kanu warned that the army would face the wrath from the crew if they kill any innocent pro-Biafran agitator in the course of the Operation Python Dance.

His phrases: “ We understand the enemy (Federal Government) has announced yet another circular of Fulani military invasion in our land in the name of Operation Python Dancing, no doubt to help facilitate the rigging of elections for Jubril ‘s Sudani and the cronies of Fulani Cabal across Nigeria.

“ What I said previously nevertheless stand and there is no going back. Chukwu Okike Abiama is my see that any reported shooting or even killing of any Biafran simply by this Fulani Janjaweed Army associated with Nigeria will be avenged. Those who earlier doubted our resolve should request Okezie Ikpeazu what he’ t experiencing in Abia State.

“ I am placing the particular colonial master Britain on observe that should the government of Theresa Can provide the go ahead for any innocent Biafran to be killed again on Biafran soil, Nigerian soldiers will encounter our wrath.

“ Enough of this Fulani intimidation with the Nigerian Army. This is an army which has refused to engage ISIS in the main theaters of northern Nigeria as well as the wider Sahel region. They (Nigerian Army) refused to counter the particular killing spree of Fulani herdsmen across the Middle Belt but the exact same army that refused to combat Boko Haram can now easily end up being mobilized in the South to eliminate non Muslim populations with impunity.

“ Police many men being deployed to face Boko Haram terrorists whereas the army that will pride itself as the defender associated with Nigeria is running from the fight field and instead are used to kill civilians in order to maintain Fulani hegemonic control of Nigeria.

“ Everything in Nigeria is upside down that is why I find it difficult to understand why there are universities in Nigeria in the first place because people go to college but end up not learning anything at all. Is it the job of the police in order to fight insurgency?

“ The most astonishing thing is that individuals are going about their normal company pretending all is well within Nigeria when logic is being switched on its head. Can anybody determine any country in the world where the law enforcement is sent to the war front side and army deployed to do law enforcement duties?

“ Just in Nigeria, with her unaware professors and pseudo intellectuals, almost all busy scavenging for campaign money from politicians as impunity dominates supreme and has become the order during.

“ None of this really is surprising to us, after all Nigerians cannot differentiate between a deceased Buhari and an impostor through Sudan. How can you expect them to translate or distinguish the constitutional tasks of the police and that of the military? What this APC government possess succeeded in doing is to democratize ignorance, impunity and cowardice. ”

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