Boko Haram occupy Baga, Monguno, Kukawa , Cross Kawuwa, Guzamala

Residents And IDPs Stranded.. No Meals, Drugs and Security… No Vehicular Movement, Residents Trekked to Maiduguri, Adjoining Villages for Safety…

From all signs, troops have been deployed to Baga, Monguno, Kukawa and Gucamala in 100s as seen in a military convoy leaving Maiduguri city towards the areas considering that morning of Monday, 31st December 2018.

But investigations Wed reveals that still Boko Haram elements are still present and in occupation associated with Baga town, Monguno town, Kukawa, Cross Kawuwa own, Malamute Fatori, head office of Abadam LGA of Borno state that shares International border with Niger and Chad Republics and Guzamala LGA area as all military formations and units in the places have been abandoned or deserted by the soldiers destination withdrew back to Monguno Military Brigade Command and Operation Last Hold Head office.

The Boko haram occupation rendered all the three to four LGAs unavailable without the military and placed the areas at risk. It leaves residents vulnerable to Boko Haram attacks on the host communities and IDPs in IDPs camps during these places.

A resident of Monguno who ia still within Monguno town with his aged parents in a telephone conversation with The Nigerian Tone of voice said, ” Monguno is still occuppied by Boko Haram as at this hr that I am speaking with you on phone. You can not find a single soldier within the host communities and IDPs Camps of Monguno town. ”

” All the soldiers here ran away and returned to the military order headquarters. Monguno is presently occupied by the boko Haram Insurgents. The older men, women and children who could not flee the town during the Boko Haram attack and attack on Monguno on Monday night through Tuesday last week grew to become vulnerable to the terrorists’.

“It is from Monguno that the Boko Haram terrorists left for Baga town Tuesday night after attacking Combination Kawuwa, Kekenu and Monguno towns Monday and Tuesday.

“All the young people fled their families and relations to neighboring towns and towns of Kukawa, Gubio, Magumeri, Gajiram, Maiduguri and others for safety”, Kolo stated.

“Some are still in the bushes because we can not ascertain their particular whereabouts. They are bedevilled by fear of being attacked or killed by the troops or Boko Haram terrorists during exchange of fire.

“Now, anyone that wants to leave Monguno town can only achieve that by trekking to the closest village or town as there is no single vehicular movement in Monguno city that can convey people or goods out of Monguno to anywhere as highways linking Monguno are inaccessable due to the Boko Haram siege.

“Yes. Actually, the roads are not closed but nobody cà n ply this kind of roads with these Boko Haram attacks anyhow. The roads are not safe for those who even the military can not boast easily of plying the roads just like that will without fully prepaired, armed and ready to face the Boko Haram insurgents who alreay have occupied veryhwere, the towns and villages, particularly, those towns and towns along the major roads linking Monguno, Kukawa, Guzamala and Baga towns. inch Kolo said.

Musty Aisami another source further said that, inch The Residents of Monguno left behind, the old aged and children are helpless since nobody seems to assist or support them with food, drinks or anything else for the moment. ”

” No help no support from anybody. All are stranded and helpless as nobody goes there or comes out from Monguno yet like all these NGOs and humanitarian partners to hat support the particular IDPs and host communities.

“There is no single soldier within Monguno own with the residents and IDPs for now. They have alleeruened to the episodes. So , with this situation, bin availability of security operatives at the host communities plus IDPs camps in Monguno” Aisami said.

“People have fled for safety. Even Cross Kawuwa is no longer safe for people which is a direct hyperlink for the Boko Haram from Malamute Fatori town, headquarters of Abadam LGC of Borno state, an axis that shares international borders with Bosso Province of Niger Republic.

“This is an area that with regard to long has been under the occupation and control of the Boko Haram including Guzamala bad Kukawa LGAs surrounding environs or bushes as nobody goes right now there where the Boko Haram are spread and only usually group themselves whenever they wish to strike or attavk any town or village and Military formations within the northern. lart of the state, ‘ Musty said.

“In reality, I am telling you the truth now that, there is no single soldier in Kukawa, Guzamala plus Kaga towns. They have all withdrew and relocated to Monguno, the army headquarters Operation Last Hold and the 127 Brigade Command Headquarters.

“Meaning, all these places are not safe, starting from Monguno to Cross Kawuwa, Kukawa and Guzamala be except if by today (Wednesday)that the soldiers will be used to be in Baga town.

“If not, here is no soldier within Kukawa and Guzamala LGAs and Baga town. There are no soldiers plus except for Baga where the Task Force Brigade is available. People can come to see regarding themselves.

“People left behind are Stranded. No food. No safety. No comfort. No relief. They need help. Government should come and do some thing about it.

“It is a lie that all roads linking o Baga, Monguno, Cross Kawuwa and Kukawa or Gudumbali town (Guzamala LGA headquarters) are opened and not closed. We heard that on radio that the streets are not closed but where some the vehicle and Security for people to layer the roads? He asked. Everywhere is empty, abandoned and deserted.

” The military formations are not closed but it is the soldiers that will deserted their base in these areas”.

Another source Madu Kachallah said, ” I am among those who fled from Monguno two days ago and today in Maiduguri town by God’s grace. ”

” We all suffered and met lots of hardships on the roads like check points installed by the CJTF and Military of Gairam, tungushe and Shagari low-cost close to Maimalari barracks before entering Maiduguri.

“Most of us are still on the street at Baga road without food, phone, money, shelter and support through anybody or organisation yet. Just surviving from hand to mouth yet no embarrassment or intimidation from anybody as people know our plght

“Yes I’m in Monguno town. There were casualties on both the particular sides of the military and Boko Haram that we saw when we were operating away to escape the town but don’t know how many.

“People run to Gajiram and Tungushe areas to get vehicles or Keke NAPEP or trekked in order to Maiduguri. Yes. There is checking on the Displaced persons at the Baga road Maiduguri as CJTF and Secuirty operatives do patrol the areas daily, morning plus night”, Kachallah said.

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