2019 prophecies: Bishop Isong reveals political figures that will be attacked, warns against islamization of Nigeria

The General Overseer (GO) of Christian Central Chapel Worldwide (CCCI), Bishop Emmah Gospel Isong has prophesied that Nigeria might experience black day in 2019.

Speaking while reeling out his 2019 prophecy, Bishop Isong said “ Pray this day does not come where there is a serious security challenge in a element of this nation and curfew is going to be declared and people will be rushing and purchasing things in bulk to store due to the road to markets would be shut.

“ There will be inner security crises in some parts of the country but it will surely be physical and people will grumble of several road blocks in many areas, movement shall be restricted, however the church needs to rise up and hope, that this issue should go for ever.

“ What a black day time! There will be continuous engagement of minimal in voting, several voters’ credit cards, and several ballots cards would be voided because of minor and under age group voting”.

He mentioned there would be massive fraud in the polls which would be condemned by the worldwide communities.

“ In the middle of this, and in the course of plea, a Moses, as said by Lord, a selfless leader will certainly emerge, a leader who will lead the individuals out of bondage.

“ He will open the gate associated with wealth. He will lift up the difficulty of authority, so shall this be. The lord said in 2019 because of your faith, and your faithfulness bombarding heaven, He said, every single prayer we would pray this year, god shall give us more than a person asked. ”

He or she pointed out that Nigeria shall be safe when the people of Nigeria always raise up the nation up.

“ The lord said always hope for the flag of Nigeria. God said there is some problems in the flag green white green.

“ There is a spiritual background and as we continually pray, that will York on the nation which is within the flag shall be broken.

“ On workers remuneration, the one thing has become a document and now instituted, as well as the remunerations are now gazetted. ”

Commando case against particular Nollywood stars and people in the songs industry attracting negative press, a few of these guys they need to give their life to Jesus.

“ Another notorious kidnappers’ den will be raided and exposed. The spouse of one of the Governorship candidates within the coming gubernatorial election shall be at risk. Someone is planning to attack spouse of one of the gubernatorial candidates.

“ Apart from football Nigeria shall diversify in sports activity plus rebrand to other sports activity and that will bring the national honor apart from soccer.

“ There will be further pressing for Sharia regulation, Islamic control especially from declares in Nigeria, it will become a type of distraction but the fire will be quenched by prayer.

“ Pray for a certain state celebration Chairman, many state party chairmen
will be under large physical attack in 2019. Crossriverians should pray and fast which the state be not thrown in to mourning in this brand new year rather than celebration.

“ A lot prayer is also needed for the people associated with Anambra state. It shall steam like hot oil but Christ shall quench it like glaciers water.

“ A specific plaque in form of sickness to become release into the air across the Western African and the East African Coastline, especially Nigeria is being warned, the outward symptoms are like cough but is more harmful like Ebola.

“ Bauchi state also needs work intervention through special prayer, we all pray that the prayer of the st . will quench the trouble in that condition.

“ A further concern of Islamization, a father associated with faith and his mega ministry will be accused by fellow Nigerians associated with facilitating and helping Islamization along with finances, he denied through their voice through words of faith”.

The Clergy additional said “ 2019 elections will be full of surprises, it shall be just like a coat of many colors.

“ In 2019, we need to purchase an umbrella, sell your sneakers and buy umbrella. 2019 shall continue being a year of awards and great will. Keep aside what Nigeria is facing”.

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