2019 general election: We must choose wisely

AS the 2019 general election draws closer, many political gladiators have thrown themselves into the ring. While some have brought forth compelling development ideologies, many others have been shabby about it.

Yet, it behoves the electorate to choose wisely as we all go to the polls to vote. From the North to the South, we must do all within our capacities to ensure that we get the best for our country.

Not all that glitter is gold. We are inundated by many politicians who can sway with their words but do not have the discipline that comes with public office.

We should not be carried away by the wind of political party or ethnicity, tribalism and Nepotism. We should not be deceived by self painted manifestations of the various parties at the display.

We should rather see the personality of the individual presented. We should indeed take in-depth look at the ideology they preach and the capability of these aspirants.

Again, we should dissociate ourselves from vote-buying which is a new order of the day. Nigeria is our nation; the decision on who holds which office largely depends on the electorate.

We should make the right decision in order to have a better democratic Nigeria. We should never vote based on political parties or religion or ethnicity. We should vote in candidates that deserve to occupy public offices.

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